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Chicago Capital is pleased to announce that Stacey Sargent was featured in the Crain’s Chicago Business roundtable discussion “Business Success Through ESG”.

In today’s rapidly changing business climate, a robust environmental, social and governance (ESG) program can open access to large pools of capital, build a stronger corporate brand and promote sustained long-term growth benefiting companies and investors alike, according to Crain’s. In the roundtable, Crain’s Content Studio asked three experts for their insights on ESG.

"We help our clients incorporate their preferences about companies they’d like to own in their portfolios”, said Sargent. "We see our role as translating client preferences into actionable and informed investment decisions. Incorporating client preference into the earliest conversations about investment goals and risk tolerance helps us better understand how our clients wish to express their interests in their investments”.

More Information: Crain’s Roundtable was produced by Crain’s Content Studio, which is sponsored content advertising material. Link to Crain’s full article here.

Chi-Cap's Stacey Sargent on ESG
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