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Chicago Capital has committed $100,000 to help those impacted by the Coronavirus COVID-19. The rapid spread of the virus and related containment efforts have been a shock to business and family. The virus has impacted our lives in a variety of ways and, by now, many of us know someone who has become ill.

Taking shelter at home can be a reminder of the importance of family and the need to look after each other. Many of the solutions for this healthcare event (quarantine, social distancing, and other behaviors aimed at ‘flattening the curve’, etc.) involve economic sacrifice. And this sacrifice can be particularly extreme for the most vulnerable communities. This crisis knows no borders, and as we move to protect those close to us, we are reminded that we are all connected.

For this reason, Chi-Cap has contributed $100,000 to the Chicago Capital Charitable Gift Fund. This amount will be used to make gifts to qualified charitable organizations that help those in need during this time of crisis. All of us at Chi-Cap feel strongly about our clients and, now more than ever, we are reminded of the importance of family and community. We ask you, our clients, for help and guidance on how to distribute these funds. Please let us know about any organizations you feel can make a difference to help those in need. We want to know what’s important to you. Here are some of the guidelines we hope to use in selection of recipient organizations.

  • Help those in need and impacted by the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

  • Good standing and meet the IRS requirement of a 501(c)(3) public charity

  • Cannot involve lobbying, political purposes or political campaigns

  • Approved by the Donor-Advised Fund used to distribute the gifts

  • Please let us know your suggestions by the April 30.

  • Please email suggestions to CLICK HERE TO SEND

No need for dollar amounts now. We’ll have to see how many suggestions we receive. At this point, we don’t know how many submissions will be funded or the amounts. Once the gifts have been distributed, we plan to follow up with a list of organizations.

By helping those in need, we hope to make a small contribution to ease this difficult period. Please join us by helping us select organizations that are meaningful to you and your family. We appreciate your confidence and thank you for investing with Chi-Cap.

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